CRiskCo Approve

for Lenders

CRiskCo makes business loan requests simple and secure. Our technology simplifies the underwriting process so you make decisions faster.

In a nutshell

If you are a lender you probably put a lot of effort evaluating your risks. You go through business reports, bank statements and accounting records, you purchase reports from credit bureaus, and generally spend a lot of time and money deciding what loan to give and at which terms.

CRiskCo Approve gives you a rich and instant view of a business's fund status. In contrast with traditional solutions, CRiskCo provides real-time updated information so you can monitor all borrowers at any time.

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How does it work?

A business initiates a loan request

Business receives email with a link to CRiskCo

Business integrates it's ERP system with CRiskCo
(takes less than 1 minute)

CRiskCo securely transfers the accounting information to you, along with a credit risk report

Bottom line? You get normalized credit information about a potential borrower within minutes, and can make better decisions faster than anyone else. It's that simple.

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