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If you are a B2B vendor, your customers probably demand credit. Like every creditor, you need to deal with overdue debts, cash flow problems, collection hurdles, and so on.

Do you feel you give too much attention to debt collection, rather than to your business?

CRiskCo Monitor analyzes your customers and predicts whether they are credit worthy or not. You get an ongoing analysis of their credit state, real time alerts and community insights, so you can do business with the right customers and reduce your collection efforts.

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Staying on top of your customer credit risks

Understanding that your portfolio's credit risk fluctuates on a daily basis, is key to making smart decisions. CRiskCo Monitor analyzes real-time data so you can immediately react to credit changes, turning Accounts Receivable into cash faster, while reducing exposure to delinquencies.

Credit collection measurement

Most small and medium businesses do not frequently measure their collection efficiency. Research shows that lack of collection measurement and debt analysis will likely cause cash flow instability, forcing the business to take unnecessary loans.

With CRiskCo Monitor, your collection efficiency is continuously measured and compared with similar businesses so you always know where you stand.

CRiskCo Monitor integrates with leading ERP / Accounting systems


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